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Your time is valuable.

By using our services you will save more time for yourself.

We will take care of all the necessary formalities in order to apply the Apostille on your documents so that you don’t have to waste your time sitting in queues or filling out all sorts of forms.

What is the APOSTILLE and what is the PURPOSE of its release?

The APOSTILLE is a certificate issued by the competent authorities of a State signatory to the Hague Convention, for public documents drawn up in such country, that will be presented in the territory of another signatory State to the Convention.

The PURPOSE of the Apostille release is to authenticate the origin of a public document, to prevent the use of false documents in order to produce legal effects.

Tradexpert translation office offers you representation services in order to apply the Apostille on your documents before any of the competent authorities:

  1. Prefect Institution – MUREŞ COUNTY

The main documents on which Apostille can be applied are:

  1. Birth certificates, in original, new model, issued after 01.01.1998;
  2. Marriage certificates, in original, new model, issued after 01.01.1998;
  3. Death certificates, in original, new model, issued after 01.01.1998;

Note: Civil status documents issued before 1998 must be replaced by new ones. The change is made at the Civil Status offices that released the old ones.

  1. Certificate of Celibacy/Proof of Celibacy – in original
  2. Criminal record certificates, driving record certificates, in original, issued no more than 6 months before, from Mureş County Police Inspectorate;
  3. Documents proving the change of name by administrative means (orders, certificates issued by the community public services for people registration);
  4. Certificates of tax residence written in both Romanian and English, in original, issued by the public finance administrations of Mureş County;
  5. Certificates attesting the domicile and citizenship of the person or their legal status in relation to the Romanian State, in original, issued by the Directorate for the People Registration and Database Administration, 2 Obcina Mare St., District 6, Bucharest;
  6. Certificates regarding family membership, in original, issued by the Local Community Public Service for People Registration;
  7. Secondary education documents – previously endorsed by Mureş School Inspectorate;
  8. Higher education documents – previously endorsed by the Ministry of National Education/National Center for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas;
  9. Documents attesting the quality of a person educated on the Romanian territory, for foreign citizens, in original, endorsed by the Ministry of National Education – International Relations Service;
  10. Medical documents (vaccination records, medical records, medical certificates) in original, previously endorsed by the Public Health Directorate of Mureş County;

Note: The original medical documents issued by the Ministry of Health, by the institutions subordinated to it, by the public or private units shall be previously endorsed by the Legal Department within the Ministry of Health.

  1. Baptism/wedding certificates, in original, endorsed by the Mureş Bishopric;
  2. Certificates for the avoidance of double taxation, certificates of tax residence, income certificates, issued by the General Directorate of Public Finance Mureş;
  3. Certificates of competence of seafarers, in original, endorsed by the Ministry of Transport;
  4. Tourism patents, in original, issued by the National Authority for Tourism;
  5. Certificates attesting the seniority in work, previously endorsed by the specialized service within the County House of Pensions and other Social Insurance Rights;
  6. Qualification certificates for various professions, in original, previously endorsed by the county employment agencies, for the certificates issued before 1989, respectively between 1990-2003, and by the Commissions for the authorization of vocational training providers, for graduation and qualification certificates issued starting with January 2004;
  7. Certificates of professional competence for freight and passenger road transport in national and international traffic issued by the Romanian Road Authority – Mureş Agency;
  8. G.N.M.M.A. membership certificate and the certificate regarding the honorability and professional morality of the members of O.G.N.M.M.A. – Mureş branch;
  9. Certificates confirming the accuracy or reality of a fact or attesting a certain quality in order to capitalize on certain rights, as well as certificates attesting a right or a fact, issued under the law.
  10. Commercial documents (certificates of origin of goods, commercial invoices, etc.) in original – previously endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and the municipality of Bucharest or the county chambers of commerce and industry, as appropriate;
  11. Certificates of free veterinary medical practice, in original, issued by Mureş College of Veterinarians;
  12. Forms E 401, E 400, E 301 etc.
  13. Certificates, excerpt copies, study documents – Ministry of Defense.

The Apostille applies to original notary deeds (for example: notarized statements, notarized powers of attorney, heir certificates, divorce certificates, authentic contracts) or notarized/legalized copies and translations.


The Apostille applies only to documents issued by institutions within the Ministry of Justice.

Judgments (in original) issued by the courts within the territorial jurisdiction of Mureş Court of Law.

Note: Judgments must be legalized with the statement “final and irrevocable” by the court that issued them, signed with print name by the registrar legalizing the judgment or by the court president and stamped with the president’s stamp, not with the archivist or registry stamp.

Attention! The Apostille does not apply to the copy of the civil sentence made at the notary public, but only to the civil sentence issued by the court.

– Original documents issued by the Trade Register (certificate of incumbency, etc.);

In order to apply an apostille to the conclusions/resolutions issued by the Trade Register Office, it is necessary that they be legalized, bear the mention “final” and the round stamp of the Trade Register Office.

It is also necessary that, together with the signature, the name and surname of the person legalizing the conclusion be clearly stated.

The application for the legalization of conclusions, in order to apply the apostille, is submitted to the Legal Office of the Mureş Trade Register Office.

– Original documents issued by a bailiff and other documents.

IMPORTANT: Please present in original the document(s) to which you wish to apply the Apostille, as well as a copy of the holder(s)’ identity document (identity card or passport).

For any other information we are at your service!